Animal Rescue & Response

Animal Rescue & Response

CommandPost® has built a platform that allows the streamlined reporting and coordination between various agencies and community shelters, rehabilitation service centres, veterinary clinics and zoos. We’ve taken functionality from emergency services and first responders to build a platform that can capture, dispatch, track and report upon animal rescue jobs.

CommandPost® offers a turn-key solution that fulfils incident / request escalation, delegation, tracking and job completion. The platform acts as a single source of information for responding agencies – providing them the ability to coordinate and dispatch appropriate resourcing and equipment.

The use of a centralised platform enables animal rescue authorities and services the ability to work closely across all levels of response and to efficiently log / respond through common understanding.

The implementation of a real-time system provides a structured process of delegation to ensure that all management and information functions are adequately performed. The platform can be deployed and work in tandem to major disasters to interface with other responding authorities / agencies.

CommandPost® removes gaps in communication to ensure the fast and efficient delegation of duties and information between agencies, stakeholders and personnel with no loss of details, duplication of efforts or communication delays. Involved parties can monitor responses, updates and discuss situations in real-time to ensure the coordinated resolution of a situation.

Quick Response & Resolution to Incidents

Improve Efficiency And Respond To Incidents Quicker Than Ever Before.

CommandPost® is fully customisable, meeting the needs of any control centre, no matter the industry. Gain access to the latest tools, utilised by emergency services from across the globe, to streamline planning, coordination, dispatch and response.

Incident / Hazard Reporting & Collaboration

Escalate, collaborate and initiate a coordinated response to resolve an incident or hazard.

Asset & Resource Tracking

Track your assets and personnel in real-time to quickly locate, communicate or dispatch to an active incident or hazard.

Tasks & Checklists Management

Create, assign and schedule tasks and checklists to receive instant notification of duties for accurate reporting or auditing.

Training & Assessment Modules

Create and track assessment-based e-learning training / inductions, required for completion before works, for personnel or contractors.

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CommandPost has the capability to integrate with existing systems to ensure a centralised workflow. Get in touch to see what is possible and how we can assist with improving the efficiency of your control room/operations.

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